Elder Mide'Kiwenzie

Elder Mide’Kiwenzie introduction to Ancestral Teachings. 

Mide’Kiwenzie shares about the uses of the smudge and how it helps to cleanse mind, body and spirit.

Mide’Kiwenzie shares Anishinaabe traditional teachings on the hand drum. To inspire and motivate you.

Tobacco Teachings

Anishinaabe Teachings on Pictographs

Ki’eshgitabaaning Cultural & Healing Lodge

Elder Nowgonabe

PART ONE | Elder Nowgonabe from Noatkamegwanning First Nation shares ancestral stories and teachings.

Elder Sandra Copenace

PART ONE | Anishinaabe Abinooji Nagamonanan – Elder Sandra Copenace sings Children songs.

PART TWO | Anishinaabe Abinooji Nagamonanan – Elder Sandra Copenace sings Children songs.

Elder Jeanette Skead

Elder Jeanette Skead of Wauzhusk Onigum First Nation tells a story about her childhood.

Elder Leon Jourdain

Former Grand Chief Leon Jourdain speaks at Treaty 3 fall assembly.

Elder Albert Crowe

Late Elder Albert Crowe shares a story.

Acknowledgment to the Crowe family who gave approval to to have it on the website.

Ki’eshgitabanning Cultural & Healing Lodge

Watch as 2 student doctors sing a song for the first time on a hand drum. believe that by sharing our culture this is a way to build bridges and respect.

Elders enjoying a get together with family, singing and dancing the old style round dance, just like our ancestors did generations past.

Other Videos

Wobaseemoong Community Land Teachings with Youth and Elders 1986

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