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Dear friends old and new

We are at risk of losing our culture for future generations.

Ki’eshgitabaaning Cultural and Healing Lodge keeps Anishinaabe culture and cultural traditions alive through ceremonies, workshops, videos, podcasts, songs, and stories.

We inspire pride in our heritage and preserve our traditions in four lodges that stand outside in all weather. But when the snow flies, we lack a suitable and warm place for ceremonies and a place for visitors and Elders in attendance to stay.

Back in the day, our people would build lodges for ceremonies and for visitors to stay in. We would provide food and hospitality too. Ki’eshgitabaaning Cultural and Healing Lodge Midewiin wants to return to days gone by and provide the hospitality and care our visitors and Elders deserve.

We seek to raise money for:

  • A Midewiin Lodge building with kitchens, bathrooms and rooms for workshops.
  • Space for a walk-in museum featuring historic Anishinaabe items and video screens showing Elders sharing their Ancestral Knowledge.
  • Six tiny cabins for Elders and others who attend ceremonies.

Your support is crucial in helping us build these needed structures for our ceremonies and to preserve the Anishinaabe heritage.

Your financial donation also helps us to continue video shoots and recordings of Elders in our quest to preserve and share of ancestral Anishinaabe traditions and culture.

We, the Elders believe that this website is an important part of reconciliation as we build bridges of respect and understanding of our history for generations to come. Your generosity will make a positive impact.

Elders of Ki’eshgitabaaning 

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