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Stories from the Past

A Guest’s Last Visit

By Elder Alo White

In 2009, I quided a guest, a lady, all by herself. She and her husband had been coming up for over 20 years, always pre-paid, booking the same date for the following year.

Her husband had passed away that winter. His wishes were that she come by herself and visit all the shorelunch spots we used and then place his ashes in his favorite fishing hole.

I had always taken him to this place where it is a quiet bay with plenty of animals and fish. That day, she did not want to fish, but I took some walleye fillets and still cooked for her. She was pleasantly surprised.

After shorelunch we continued on with our day. The last stop was his favorite fishing hole. I did a ceremony and she released him to the water spirits.

She cried for awhile as I sat patiently beside her. Then an eagle swooped down right in front of us. I told her “The eagle acknowledges the spirit of your husband, John.

She said to me, “This will be the last time I will see you, I am never coming back.

I told her “I know.”

The following year I recieved a letter from her son. She had instructed him to write to me as she was getting ill.

She had passed away.

Lost Fishing Rod

By Elder Alo White

I had a guest accidentally drop his fishing rod in the lake. He said his mind was not focused on the task at hand and the rod just slipped from his hand.

When this happened, he was sad as it belonged to his late father.

I offered my words of condolences and said, “A good thing will come out of this. 

I went back on my first day off, dragged the bottom with treble hooks and scored the fishing rod.

I sent it back to him by mail.

A month later. He called me to tell me how grateful he was that I had taken the time to recover his fishing rod. He remembered my words about “good things” and told me he got married to his high school sweetheart.

That made my guide year!

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