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“Sharing generations of traditional Anishinaabe knowledge”

Sharing our traditions today to preserve them for the generations to come.
Ki’eshgitabaaning Cultural and Healing Lodge strives to keep Anishinaabe culture and cultural traditions alive today, tomorrow, and into the future. By sharing our culture through workshops, podcasts, songs, and stories, we hope to inspire pride in our heritage and a desire to preserve our traditions for future generations.
Our mission is to connect our people to ancestral traditions and teachings. Our programs, events, and workshops share Anishinaabe cultural knowledge and wisdom. Elders share traditional stories and songs in our digital resource library. Pride in our culture encourages our people to take ownership of the Anishinaabe ceremonies and sacred items to create a foundation for healing.


Ki’eshgitabaaning Cultural and Healing Lodge, Anishinaabe elders from Treaty 3, Lake of the woods, Ontario, Canada, share their knowledge with wisdom and kindness. Our workshops take visitors on a cultural journey as they make hand drums, rattles, learn traditional medicine, reconnect with Mother Earth, practice traditional drumming and singing, and more.

People will learn and explore Anishinaabe culture shared by elders who keep our traditions alive in podcasts (in both English & Anishinaabe), videos, and songs in the language. Videos will have English subtitles. Our elders share the stories and songs taught to them by their grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles. The collection includes traditional ancestral songs from elders preserved through recordings and classic Pow-Wow songs.

Proud to be a
2022 Pow Wow Pitch Pitcher

Alo White has been nominated for the Short List for the 2021 Johanna Metcalf Performing Arts Prize.

Alo White would like to acknowledge the Ontario Arts Council for the continued support and encouragement for over a decade, Chi Miigwetch.

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Sharing our traditions today to preserve them for the generations to come.

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