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Reclamation of Ancestral Midewiin Lodge

A 2-day gathering of people coming together to listen, share and learn about Midewiin way of life.

Many people have not had the opportunity to learn and participate in our ancient Anishinabe culture and ways. Many people, because they don’t know, will read history books to try and understand. Unfortunately history is not found in books. The knowledge is still here today and this is why we make ourselves available to share
who we really are.

To share our knowledge and show by example how we as Midewin people have revived and give insight to reclamation of our Ancestral Midewiin Lodge. Presenters share how they found their way back through heartfelt personal stories. You will hear stories of pride, respect and honor of self and family.

Participants will have a greater understanding and knowledge of our Ancestral Midewiin Lodge with the awareness that it is a place of strength and spiritual connections for people.

Please call (807) 407-9000 or email for additional information.

Sharing our traditions today to preserve them for the generations to come.
Please contact us for more information! Miigwetch!