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Sky Prayer is Alo White’s third Album. It is a compilation Album with world-renowned mastering genius Michael White, California, USA.

SKY PRAYER: Biiya bii koobiness (Spirit metal, keep me safe on this road) $1.30
SKY PRAYER: Great Mystery (Creation song) $1.30
SKY PRAYER: Love Song (For my love, Niigabi a'noqwe) $1.30
SKY PRAYER: Spirit Winds (A song for being on the lake) $1.30
SKY PRAYER: Wiikaan (Helper of ceremony) $1.30
SKY PRAYER: Pegamigabo (My late brother's, Cecil White, song) $1.30
SKY PRAYER: Calling for the Spirits (Calling in spirits in that pityful manner) $1.30
SKY PRAYER: Keeshiigoong (Asking for pity from Sky Spirits) $1.30
SKY PRAYER: Mai' I nguness (My sister, Lucille, Great-Grandson song) $1.30
SKY PRAYER: Sky Spirits (Prayer song) $1.30
SKY PRAYER: Thinking of You (Always in my thoughts, Niigabi a'noqwe) $1.30
SKY PRAYER: My Grandchild (For my Grandchildren, Karsen, Kashie, Kevayah, Keevah, Shyanne, Leanne) $1.30