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Traditional Pipe Making Workshop

Duration: 3 days
Group Size: Limited to 15 People
Cost: All inclusive. Contact us for rates.

The ancient Anishinaabe people carried a personal healing pipe in their sacred bundles. Our people almost lost this tradition when government imposed Residential Schools upon our people and forbade the use of our sacred items. This team-building workshop takes participants back in time to learn more about what was once a main item in sacred bundles. We teach sacred laws about the personal healing pipe and use storytelling and examples to share the pipe’s purpose in personal healing. Participants make their own personal healing pipe, then take part in a traditional feasting ceremony.

Please call (807) 407-9000 or email for rates and additional information.

Preserving Anishinaabe Elders stories through video and podcasts for future generations. 

Please contact us for more information.