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Fasting and Vision Quest Offering

Duration: 4 days
Group Size: Limited to 12 people
Cost: All inclusive. Contact us for rates.

In ancient times, Anishinaabe people would go onto the land to seek a vision quest through fasting or by sitting in a lodge undisturbed until they were ready to leave. The Anishinaabe then held a feast in honor or recognition of the individual’s accomplishment and to say “miigwetch” to the Gishamunitou for the spiritual visitors. We help people on this spiritual journey. When a person commits to a fast, he or she sits in the fasting lodge up to four days. Reflecting in this way helps the individual deal with stress, become a better role model, worker, and rejuvenate from fatigue and burnout.

Please call (807) 407-9000 or email for additional information.

Preserving Anishinaabe Elders stories through video and podcasts for future generations. 

Please contact us for more information.